Yoco Smart Integrations

Integrations for Payments, Point of Sale and Accounting.

Why are integrations important? They simplify your systems and focus on what’s important to grow your business.

Our payments and point of sale integrations are designed for businesses processing a lot of transactions - accepting card payments is twice as fast with dramatically less manual errors.

Our accounting integration lets you connect your business systems so you’ll spend less time on tedious tasks like bank recons and unlock real time insights. 

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Powerful Integrated Payments, P.O.S and Accounting

We offer the ability to link TabletPOS/iKentoo, Xero Accounting, Vend and Yoco Payments. Learn more about which integration is best suited to your business.

Yoco Smart Integrations
Save time removing tedious tasks

Take out the tedious

Counting slips and reconciling sales - smart integrations does that for you.

Dramatically Reduce Mistakes

Fewer mistakes

Taking human error out of the equation means less mistakes in your reporting.

Business Insights

Deeper Insights

Integrations lead to more insights in more places.

Why choose an integrated solution?

  • Quicker card payments. Fast payments mean you can serve more customers, have a higher table turnover in restaurants, shorter queues in retail and better customer satisfaction.
  • Simpler cash ups and end of day reconciliations. Since your payments and POS system are integrated, cash ups can be completed from one automated platform which saves you and your staff time.
  • Minimize fraud and human error. By eliminating unnecessary manual input, you reduce human mistakes. The real time control of payments minimizes fraud.
  • Real-time reporting and accuracy. With all your data feeding into a central system, you’ll have instant access to your business sales, staff performance, and stock levels, from anywhere.

Payment and P.O.S

TabletPOS integration

TabletPOS by iKentoo is the fastest growing hospitality POS software in South Africa because of their easy to use interface, real time reporting, stock tracking functionality and bespoke hospitality functions like splitting tables, multi reciept printing, multiple staff management and payment methods.

By integrating TabletPOS by iKentoo and Yoco Payments you’ll be able to increase table turnover, cash up in minutes, reduce fraud and collect more tips.

View our TabletPOS payments integration
Vend Integration

Vend is retail Point of Sale software which includes advanced features like inventory management, ecommerce, customer loyalty and so much more. Manage your sales, cost of sales, stock and track profitability in real time. Vend also integrates with Xero, so you’re covered for all your transactions.

View our Vend payments integration


Xero Integration

Xero is a cloud based accounting platform that is changing the game for both business owners and accountants. By integrating your Xero account with your point of sale and payments systems you get the management tools you need to succeed.

With this integration all your sales are automatically recorded and uploaded to your Xero account a few minutes later. Having this real-time view of what’s happening in your business has numerous benefits. You can manage your cashflow, automatically account for stock adjustments per transaction, attribute sales to the correct accounting group and allocate funds to the appropriate bank account. Tips and service charges are designated accordingly and automating incoming revenue (cash/card etc) reduces accountant man hours.

View our Xero accounting integration